The Facts So Far

Total distance ridden in Australia 6219 Km compared to Birmingham to The North Pole 4200 km.

580 hours spent riding, that is 24 days sitting on a saddle.

4 punctures.

1,234,567,890 dead kangaroos ridden past, 1 ridden over.

The number of beaches described as “beautiful you must go and see it”, every one we saw.

The number of Australian drivers being considerate to cyclists, four.

The number of times “fair dinkum” was genuinely used in conversation, once.

Goodbye Australia Day 189 – 191, 10th to 13th October

More rain, thunderstorms and very heavy rainshowers late last night and this morning it has poured down since the early hours but we have that warm and dry feeling we wouldn’t have had in a tent.

Next on the list sorting out our banking etc then printing all the paperwork for our onward travels. We certainly know how to live an exciting life sometimes!

Last picture of sand from Conjola Lake entrance

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Sydney Day 181 Tuesday 2nd October

Today we are off to visit Sydney, Maureen kindly gave us a lift to Kiama where we caught the train to Central station Sydney. It took over 2 hours to get into Sydney, there are a lot of stops on the way!

Once at the station the magic of a mobile phone allowed us to walk only 500 metres to the hotel. The room was ready so we were checked in by 12.45, it is actually quite nice and perfect for two nights.

View from our hotel window

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Still resting for a while longer Day 177 – 179 to Sunday 30th September

Over these 3 days we took a short drive to visit a couple of beaches and inlets: Narrawallee Inlet, Narrwallee Beach, Mollymook Beach and Bannisters Point (Rick Stein has a restaurant here).

Black Oystercatcher’s on Narrawallee inlet

Walking Mollymook beach

Looking out from Bannisters Point

Whip Bird on the porch

Did some bike maintenance, new pads on Janet’s bicycle and oil changes on both of them.

Also booked the hotel in Sydney, we are going there for a couple of days next week as tourists! It was difficult to find anything reasonably priced that was not a backpackers hostel so hopefully the Great Southern Hotel will prove to be good.

Lots of just pottering around, as you do.

We took another trip to check on the oystercatchers again, they were all ok but some stupid youngsters found it amusing to try and get the birds to swoop them if they got close to the eggs along with dog walkers ignoring the no dogs allowed signs! The birds have a hard time on busy weekends here.

Janet checking the Oystercatchers

Visited a few more fabulous places today, Dee Beach, Washerwomans Beach, Bendalong Beach and Cunjarong Point.

Superb clarity of water off from Dee Beach

Lots of people on Bendalong Beach, they are actually feeding stingrays here

A Jacky Dragon (around 6 inches long, a small dragon!)

At Cunjarong Point you could see some whales out in the bay, quite a long off though.

A silvereye makes an appearance

To finish the day what appeared but an Echidna rooting around after ants.


More Echidna