Lift off minus 6 add 3 days

Today was a very hectic day, sorting out more of our things into boxes, how much stuff can a person have? a visit to the letting agent as this time we have someone renting our house while we are away. A final check over the bicycles, with only the dynamo lights to be wired in to bring them back to all their cycling glory.

There was also the very sad event of our Toyota Yaris being sold after 12 years of pretending it was a far larger car than it appears to be.

Farewell to the Yaris

Then to finish the day off we were off out for a drink and a curry.

They only had one table left in the restaurant, normally reserved for passing gnomes.

One day closer.

Getting ready, Lift off minus 4 days

It was once again a mixture of joy (woooohooooo no work!) And sadness (leaving all the great people I work with, and of course the magnificent things also known as students).

I have to thank you for the dozens of best wishes, hand shakes, hugs and wise goodbye nods received. There was even a gift or two.

Feeling more Antipodean by the minute

Once again thank you, posts will be regular, humour will be optional and eventually the rest of the blog will be updated.