Conjola is still here Day 186 – 188, 7th to 9th October

Sunday proved a very wet and miserable day here, a very rare occurrence indeed. To celebrate it we did nothing at all and enjoyed every minute of it.

Looking across to Narrawallee Inlet

White bellied sea eagle

It continued to rain most of the night but had cleared by morning, so bright and early Monday we helped Colin collect a truck full of firewood (a bargain $30 for maybe a tonne and a half).

Time for a nice fried breakfast before driving down to the beach for a walk. We went along the beach to Narrawallee Inlet, a good hours walk, we didn’t see anyone else all this time until the inlet itself.

Not far along the inlet there are mangroves growing, at the foot of these trees were a lot of Sydney Rock Oysters, we picked a few to eat later (not that the oyster experience so far has been good).

Picking oysters

Sydney Rock oyster

Now it was food time again and the day rolled on.

Tuesday is fishing day, off out on the boat again. Even though there was little or no wind there was a rolling swell of one metre but we will come back to that. As we left the harbour we passed through a number of “brown stains” floating on the surface, these seemed to be part treated sewage (you could see the odd turd floating past), the wind and tides conspired to blow it all towards the shore, it was all quite disgusting.

The sea covered in brown things!

Remember the swell? it did its job and much queesiness occurred, no sickness though. This was the signal to return to the harbour, we did catch seven flatheads though and a small barracuda.

Barracuda and it’s teeth!

Once back we cleaned the boat and the fish, guess what we are having for dinner?


4 thoughts on “Conjola is still here Day 186 – 188, 7th to 9th October

  1. I’ve just seen your reply to a previous post and see that you are heading for Japan after S Korea. If you’re going anywhere near Kyoto let me know as Joe and the family are living there now and I’ll put him in touch with you if you like.


  2. Just got onto your blog we have been in Tasmania &Victoria hope you are both travelli g well Eric & Lois Met at Edithburg


    • Hi and it is really nice to hear from you, we hope you had a great time in Victoria and Tasmania. We are now in Korea having flown out of Sydney on Friday night. We will probably be here 6 to 8 weeks before moving on. Keep well and keep in touch, Janet and Martin.


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