Letting the ferry do all the work, Kuala Perlis Friday 18th January

Toast and jam for breakfast, included in the room cost, the first toast in a while and the jam was even blackcurrant although not all that blackcurranty. Once packed it was a short 2 km cycle to the port building, where tickets to Kuala Perlis cost us 18 MYR each. You push your bicycle right through the shopping mall into the large airconditioned waiting area.

Waiting to go in the ferry terminal Kuah

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Khlong Phon Tuesday 8th January

Three quarters of the route today (that is 33 km) reverses how we got on to the island of koh Lanta.

Before we went anywhere a repair was needed as Janet had another flat tyre!

Eventually it was up and over the bridge then a climb up and coast down to the ferry. At the ferry there is a separate queue and ticket office for scooters, pedestrians and cyclists. 50 Baht later we waited 10 minutes for all the cars to get on then us and some scooters.

A last view of where we stopped

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Koh Lanta a cycle around the island Monday 7th January

We had planned to cycle down to Old Town Lanta stop there for a night and get some sort of ferry across to the mainland from there. All the best laid plans …. in fact we started off the day by walking down to the pier area and asking about a ferry to the mainland, there is only a small speedboat which cannot take bicycles going eventually to the mainland. That nice bridge brought the demise of a number of ferry routes as it is now easier to drive.

Our only view of the sea from the West side of Koh Lanta

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