Day 18 Jarrahwood a break from cycling part 2

As forecasted it rained very heavily last night and continued on and off all day before finally clearing up around 3.00 pm, only a very strong wind remaining. However we sat very smugly in our shelter looking out at the stair rods dropping from above.

Proper rain

Mark came over to say goodday (say it like you were Paul Hogan) 20 mm of rain fell last night, which coincidentally is the same height a man according to year 11 students.

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Day 17 Jarrahwood a break from cycling part 1

As forecasted it rained heavily in the early hours and was still raining when we awoke. We smugly looked out at the rain enjoying the dry feeling. The town itself has no permanent water supply every house relies on collected rainwater for its drinking supply, there is a large tank feeding each house with washing water but that is it.

Looking unusually relaxed, clearly unaware of the road to come

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Day 14 Wednesday 18th April

Today was a day for road riding, or so we were making it. An alternate route to Nglang Boodja Camp Hut.

As a result of yesterdays excessive shopping we left with bulging panniers on the bikes, unlike our unbulging leg muscels. Plus we were not hurried as we had plenty of time, giving the damp tent time to dry, it did rain during the night.

Leaving on the Mungalup Road, in fact riding most of the day on this road. A nice steady ride some ups some downs, very light traffic rather nice bicycling. Along the way a huge flock of either short beaked or long beaked black parakeets flew over, there must have been 100+ each having around 100 cm wingspan and the noise was incredible. I use the word incredible not beautiful as anyone who owns a parrot will tell you.

Not a good place to walk your dog

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Day 10 Saturday 14th April 2018, from Dwellingup into the bush

One excellent night’s sleep later we woke refreshed but a little chilly this morning, but managing to get it all packed and ready to go by 8.00 am. The tent had a lot of condensation on the outer but we just rolled it up and would dry it properly later.

Waving goodbye to Ellie and her family (wine and beer from last night) we made our way back into the metropolis known as Dwellingup. From the centre we went out on the Nanga Road. We followed this for 10 miles, a mixture of up, down and flat all nice straightforward cycling (notice the lack of use of the word easy).

A nice roadside view

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Day 9 Friday 13th eeek!

We left Dandalup a little earlier than usual (8.00 am) and around a mile of track and gravel saw us onto the Scarp Road again (remember road = wider track) but lo and behold it did actually change to a normal road and we fairly whizzed along to the Del Park Road.

A road

Today’s plan was to avoid tracks at all costs! stopping on the Del Park Road until Dwellingup where we would stay tonight.

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