Conjola Park Day 175 Wednesday 26th September

After a lovely night in a real bed it was a nice day for just pottering around and generally not doing much at all.

During the day it rained on and off, the first time for a long time (NSW is in drought). Then after a fried breakfast, the first in a very long time we all went out driving.

Granite falls

Looking down the valley from Granite falls

Granite falls was the first stop, a 63 m high slab of granite which after heavy rain has an impressive waterfall running over it, not for us today though.

Then on to George Boyd Lookout, you can see the greyness all around but still nice views.

View out to sea from the lookout

A wind sculpted rock at the lookout

Finally to Conjola Lake entrance, now currently closed with sand a bar.

A view of Green Island

A silvereye bird

Beer o clock time and food to finish the day.

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