Port Lincoln again Day 86 Saturday 30th June 2018

Today started with bright sunshine, we decided against joining Larna and Peter for 5 km Park Run http://www.parkrun.com.au or back in the UK http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events/ but they are everywhere. Knees and apathy both making good excuses to watch but the word run in the title is misleading you can walk them as well.

View across the bay from our fishing spot

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Port Lincoln resting a little Day 85 Friday 29th June 2018

It rained much of last night with winds of 30 km/h, a good night not to be in a tent! We did intend to get up and get out for an early morning swin and some yoga (with Peter and Lana) but somehow those comfortable beds held us down and we could not move until much later.

A good day for contemplation and sorting things out. After breakfast and a clothes wash it was down to the library to try and upload our photographs to the cloud, as a corrupted sd card or lost camera would not be good. Unfortunately the speeds are so slow here I gave up, 2 minutes to upload 10 mb (0.083 mbps! Feels like dial up speeds) quite shocking really.

It was time for a little shopping in between rain showers, then on the walk back we didn’t quite manage the in between showers bit and got wet.

A nice idea for a tiled bench

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Kiana Park Day 79 Saturday 23rd June 2018

After what we thought was a leisurely pack up we still managed a 9.00 am start. On leaving the campground we cycled along the main street past the shop and out on to the Flinders Highway.

The highway started off with the same ups and downs of yesterday, but very quickly opened out into flatter areas of pasture land populated by sheep. It was very reminiscent of Yorkshire without the hills, dry stone walls, cloth caps and whippets but plenty of limestone everywhere.

Limestone and sheep where could this be?

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To Elliston Day 78 Friday 22nd June 2018

Everything was very damp again this morning after a very still night so we delayed a little and left around 9.00 am with the tent feeling only a little dryer.

The sun was up and it was a perfect cycling day, either no wind or a very gentle breeze behind us. The 8 km backtrack to the Flinders Highway from Venus Bay passed quickly then once again a very quiet cycle along the highway.

The road was more up and down today, never too much up though! As we continued South East the countryside changed to very open farmland, often flocks of grazing sheep raised their heads and were so shocked to see cyclists they ran off.

A hill!

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