Day 4 to Weary Creek Primitive Campground 

Overnight and first thing this morning there was a series of very loud bangs (bear bangers local call them) and lots of noise from megaphones, this was being done to move bears away from the campgrounds, a reassuring thing.

After yesterdays dire warnings about every campsite in the whole of the northern hemisphere being full due to the Canadian public holiday, we got up early and we were away by 8.00 hoping to get to the campground before they were full.

First off there was a very steep climb just to get us back on the track to Elk Pass, at least it was still cool so we could struggle without too sweatyness. We were now on track plenty of up very little down. The route followed an overhead cable, in fact if followed anywhere that would be called challenging. Continue reading

Arrived at last

Our flight was at 1:15 Sunday 24th July from Gatwick airport, we booked into the Premier Inn North (next to the terminal) the night before, which did give a stress free journey thanks Emily for a smooth ride, Laura for the musical entertainment and mom for being there. We had a nice evening meal (plenty  of wine) and a very leisurely all you can eat breakfast to set us up for the journey.

Booking in was easy all our luggage and bikes went into the oversize check in, (Martin was allowed in despite all the end of term cakes).

Trolleys loaded ready to go

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Martin’s last day at work

Time has flown by since we decided to cycle the great divide and now my last day at work has come and gone. I started the day with mixed feelings, a sadness that an important part of my life has now been put on hold and excitement about what is to come.

Many thanks for all of the best wishes I have received along with the many gifts and cards. In particular I have to mention my fantastic Year 11’s who are the best and sorry I will miss you enter our 6th form.

All our gifts and cards

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Janet’s last day at work

My last day at Alps after 21 years, sharing the good and difficult with you all.

Thank you for  a day filled with warm wishes and love, I came away with a feeling of being valued which I will carry with me.

A big thank you for the dollars which I will spend wisely treating Martin and I along the way to a slap up meal.

I will finish with a quote from Diane’s card which amused us both.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather a skid Sideways,  chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, totally worn out  and screaming…. “WOOOOO Hoooooo what a ride! I wanna go round again! ”