Osaka, camping near Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Forest Wednesday 28th November

It was indeed a very noisy night, a busy dual carriageway and two train lines, even with this we had no problem sleeping.

Finishing a cold breakfast, we have run out of porridge; gasp! And have not been able to locate any here, yet. So instead there is a muesli type cereal which is quite nice, but not the same as hot porridge.

Looking towards the centre of Kobe

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Camping on Innoshima island Thursday 22nd November

More bridges and more islands was the order for the day. First though it was dry off the tent as from around 1.00 am until 8.00 am it poured with rain, the first sustained rain our little tent had been in and there were a couple of drips it looks like some water is seeping through a seam. A warm dry day and that can be fixed but it isn’t an issue.

Early morning view out of the tent

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