Day 126 and Day 127 San Francisco has some steep hills!

Today (monday) we did very little (no change there then). A walk to the closest Safeway, where the moral of the story is, closest is not necessarily the best as there are some steep sections of road on the way to this store, we will not be visiting this one again!

We baked a fruit cake, then promptly ate most of it!

A flock of parrots landed on the tree and stairwell outside the apartment window. The parrots are Cherry Headed Conures which are native to Ecuador and Peru, some escaped a number of years back and have bred so an estimated 300 birds live in San Francisco.

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Day 125 Cycling again to our finish over Golden Gate Bridge (Sunday 27th November)

The sky was clear this morning so we blew the dust off our cycling things and got ready to pay a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. To celebrate I fitted my new saddle, what will it be like? who knows? who even cares?

The descent down to Castro is very easy by bicycle, then we cycled the length of Market Street all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf along a mixture of cycle lanes, normal road and restricted traffic areas, and of course about a hundred sets of traffic lights. Well it feels like a hundred.

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Day 116 To KOA Ano Neuvo

As we only had a short 20 mile day today a long overdue lie in almost took place (well maybe an extra 30 minutes). We sat down with Rita for a lovely english breakfast, thank you, the first one since July and also tried Persimmon, a lovely refreshing semi sweet taste, try one today (make sure it is ripe!). With nice tea and coffee we chatted away for a while before the campground called us onwards.

Seafront rollercoaster

Pier and beach Santa Cruz

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Day 115 Into Santa Cruz

You do get a nice easy start from a motel, everything packed and ready to go. Again it was a chilly start (all relative though, back home it would be a lovely start) hat, gloves and gilet on. It was straight on to the cycle path from yesterday but this soon finished and we rejoined highway 1.

Near the end of the cycle path

The highway was very busy indeed, just a steady stream of cars really.

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