Tools and Spares

This is the list of tools and spares we will be taking:

  • Inner tube x 3
  • Top Peak Turbo MorphG pump
  • Finish Line dry lube
  • Zip ties large and small
  • Roll of Duct tape and Electrical tape
  • Disc brake pads x 2 sets
  • Spare spokes and nipples
  • 2 brake cables
  • 2 Rohloff gear cables
  • Latex gloves
  • Assorted nuts and bolts
  • Allen and Torx Key set
  • Mini mole grip spanner
  • Park tool emergency tyre boot and super patches
  • Park tool chain splitter
  • Pedal spanner (also fits Rohloff axle nut)
  • Spoke key
  • Presta Schrader adapter
  • Tube of lithium grease
  • Spare chain
  • Spare folding tyre
  • Pair pliers / wire cutters
  • 20160625_171432_002

    All the spares, a thing of beauty!

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