The totals of our journey

Overall distance cycled 11,500 kilometres:

6,500 Australia

1,100 South Korea

700 Japan

1650 Thailand

1550 Malaysia and Singapore

Punctures fixed 20; Martin 1 Janet 19

Chased by dogs; every day in Thailand

Cases of the squitters; one Martin

Mechanical problems; none just an ongoing oil leak on one Rohloff which would need to be sorted before any more cycling.

Number of flights of stairs the bicycles have been carried up; 19

The number of kind people met; many in every country

Nights camping; 210

Biggest night skies; The Nullabor

Maddest City; Bangkok

Best Currency; The won, we had half a million at one stage

Most annoying insect; ants in every country

Number of mosquito bites; too many to count but never to be a problem

Most useful things; Sunhat, tub of vaseline, small plastic chopping board, microwavable pot, kindle, Clarity Credit card (zero cost foreign currency withdrawls)

Things not used; Our waterproofs! Our first Aid Kit!

Number of SIM cards purchased; 10

Most bicycles seen; Japan

Number of Kangaroos seen; 324,439

Country with the most roadkill; Australia

Number of haircuts; 4, Janet one Martin three

Number of photographs taken; 4,000

Number of relatives will afraid to visit us in case we force them to sit and watch our travel photographs; all of them

Home 6th March

After a pleasant evening stroll in the East Coast Park where there is a good beach, an excellent cyclepath, a walking path and views out across to Indonesia (only around 45 minutes by boat). We returned to a pancake frenzy, first some savoury ham, cheese and egg pancakes then sweet with chocolate, ice cream and maple syrup mmmmm nice.

East coast park beach

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Singapore 2nd to 5th March

We have spent 4 lovely days here in Singapore. Generally wandering around seeing some sights.

Saturday the first job of the day was to get one bike box, Jerome and Claire already had one for us from another cyclist they have hosted. There were three close by options, the free one had nothing so we ended up paying S$12 for one, this was very mean we though charging for something you would normally throw away. But we now have two boxes ready to be filled with bicycles.

Boxes and our backup scooters and bike

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