Adelaide Day 113 Friday 27th July 2018

After a good nights sleep we had a whole day to do very little, a nice position to find yourself in. To start off the day we completed all of our cycle maintenance, both bicycles now have nice new chain and sprockets and all other components checked over to make sure there is no chance of an imminent failure. Although I couldn’t find anywhere to fit the motor Janet wanted.

Some of the oldest buildings in Adelaide are here

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Port Clinton, and what a struggle it was to, Day 108 Sunday 22nd July 2018

After a very sheltered night we packed up quickly, and left for what would normally be a very easy day.

Once on the highway the cycling started with a reasonable headwind, 25 km/h (or so) passing large fields of barley with the sea in tbe distance. Everything still looked very green but no rain today only clear skies.

You can see how much the wind has stirred up in the sea with it’s changing colours

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