Conjola resting day 176 Thursday 27th September

Today is bird day, we started off going with Colin down to the dunes at the lake entrance.

Australian Wood Duck on a post next to the car

Here there are some rare birds nesting, the Pied Oyster Catcher (which is fairly common in the UK) and the Red Capped Plover. Colin is a volunteer, keeping a eye on the nesting birds, putting up warning signs and fences in an attempt to keep people (or their dogs really) and foxes out.

Red Capped Plover’s eggs sit in a scrape in the sand

The Red Capped Plover trying to frighten us away from it’s nest

Pied Oyster Catcher’s eggs hidden on the sand dune

Pied Oyster Catcher with it’s chick

We spent some time shopping and helping on Colin’s boat.

Then to finish the day we saw a few other birds in the garden.

A King Parrot eating a cracker

Rainbow Lorikeet

A Whip Bird, which sounds exactly like a whip crack

Wonga Pigeon

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