It’s all about Pabuk Friday 4th January

In case you had not heard, Tropical Storm Pabuk made landfall in Nakhon Si Thammarat just after lunch today. It is moving Northwest across southern Thailand causing widespread destruction.

We are south of this area and across towards the west coast so have have persistent rain all day with moderate winds.

Today was spent watching the rain live from inside our room and watching the Thai news on TV.

Having cycled down a lot of the east coast last month, you can see from our pictures most of the ocean front restaurants and businesses are a simple wood / bamboo construction, unlikely to survive the storm conditions.

We can only hope everyone stays safe over the next 48 hours.

Only one picture today, the dog who lives here by the hotel desperately wanting to come into our room.

Wang Manao near the 35 and 4 main roads Saturday 8th December

During the night it poured with rain heavy at times, it didn’t seem to stop. By the time we were ready to go it had dropped away to light rain. You may think this is bad but it brought temperatures down to a mere 23°C and made the cycling quite pleasant, with it being so warm we did not bother with waterproofs, all the scooter riders just had t-shirt shorts and flip flops on.

Look at the bird on the scarecrows hat

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Camping on Innoshima island Thursday 22nd November

More bridges and more islands was the order for the day. First though it was dry off the tent as from around 1.00 am until 8.00 am it poured with rain, the first sustained rain our little tent had been in and there were a couple of drips it looks like some water is seeping through a seam. A warm dry day and that can be fixed but it isn’t an issue.

Early morning view out of the tent

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