Gelang Patah Wednesday 27th February

We carried our bicycles down a flight of stairs loaded them up and started by 9:30 am. Our bicycles have been carried up a few flights of stairs recently.

The short day of 33 kilometres retraced some of yesterday out of Pontian along the main road but we soon turned off onto our favourite small side roads. Along one of these a scooter rider stopped for a chat, his local mosque was just down the road so we followed him there where we sat in the shade drinking cool tea talking about lots of things. He was called Ideal and worked in IT.

Mmmm which way? Dirt track or small dirt track?

Trying to look as though we know what we are doing, Ideal and Martin

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Malacca, a historic town Tuesday 19th February

As it was only had a short day today we tried to delay our start but still managed to leave by half nine, not very good at stopping in bed.

We continued along the small beach road, no traffic and lovely sea views this continued for a while until there was an army checkpoint, we now know the route planner cannot distinguish between a public road and one through the middle of an Army Base!

Cue the cat photograph, feeling very pleased with itself

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