Day 34 The wild camp beckons

It was not as cold last night, dropping to 1┬░C, the usual pack up and guess what for breakfast … rice crispies (cheer) with water (boo). Then on to the gravel track, a steady climb up to todays high spot of 6300 ft.

The day itself was very hazy, we were unable to see any real scenery. What we thought was mist turned out to be smoke from the 5 bush fires in and around Yellowstone Park which is 100 miles away. I can barely  imagine the great clouds of smoke being given off by the fire if it does this to the atmosphere so far away from it. We are heading that way as well (I knew my fire retardant boxer shorts would come in useful, who says I wasted my money now?).

All smokey

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Day 33 Most downwards to Bannack State Park

Our room included breakfast, so 7.45 saw us chomping on eggs, hash browns, french toast and cereal. The hash browns are small pieces of potato pan fried, the french toast I am not sure about but it did not taste so good, the eggs were egg shaped, actually I lie they were scrambled. And of course coffee and tea (but mainly coffee). Of course it was a little sad saying goodbye to Robin who was cycling back to Butte for her flight out of Montana, speak to you soon.

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Day 31 To Wise River

When I went to see Bob last night he was asleep, I didn’t disturb him but went to see him this morning before we left, I asked him if I could get a picture of him with his dogs yes of course, he even brushed his hair first. 

When it gets too cold here he will drive 50 miles further south was his answer to where are you going next?


I cannot say how profoundly Bob has affected me, a man with 3 dogs called Angel, Abbey and Daisey. I am not writing any more today.

Day 30 To a high camp

When we woke, the day was very overcast, in fact it was a little chilly. Our day was going to be 20 miles so there was no rush to start. We said goodbye to Cindy and Todd who had camped with us the last 2 nights, they were off to visit the Butte Museum of Mining, although I am sure they will overtake us in a day or two.

We left Butte by a very circuitous route as we had to pass over the Interstate 90. The first part on paved road headed south onto what becomes highway 2. The road was easy cycling with only the occasional car or truck.

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