Singapore 2nd to 5th March

We have spent 4 lovely days here in Singapore. Generally wandering around seeing some sights.

Saturday the first job of the day was to get one bike box, Jerome and Claire already had one for us from another cyclist they have hosted. There were three close by options, the free one had nothing so we ended up paying S$12 for one, this was very mean we though charging for something you would normally throw away. But we now have two boxes ready to be filled with bicycles.

Boxes and our backup scooters and bike

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Hallasan Mountain yet another day sightseeing Friday 9th November

Today just to rest from cycling what could we do but go walking.

Mount Hallasan is another UNESCO natural world heritage site, it is classed as an active volcano (to be active a volcano must have erupted in the last 10,000 years, Hallasan erupted 5,000 years ago in 1007). It is the highest point in South Korea, the top is 1947 metres above sea level (or 6388 feet). More information


The leaves had fallen from most of the trees except these lovely red ones

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