Gelang Patah Wednesday 27th February

We carried our bicycles down a flight of stairs loaded them up and started by 9:30 am. Our bicycles have been carried up a few flights of stairs recently.

The short day of 33 kilometres retraced some of yesterday out of Pontian along the main road but we soon turned off onto our favourite small side roads. Along one of these a scooter rider stopped for a chat, his local mosque was just down the road so we followed him there where we sat in the shade drinking cool tea talking about lots of things. He was called Ideal and worked in IT.

Mmmm which way? Dirt track or small dirt track?

Trying to look as though we know what we are doing, Ideal and Martin

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A cycle around Langkawi Thursday 17th January

There is one hour time difference between here and Thailand means it is light at around 7:30 am so we end up leaving around 9:30 am (or 8:30 am Thai time).

Just past the airport

Even though the port is only 20 km away if we cycle the most direct route we decided to circle the island with a more substantial 50 km. The extra traffic on the roads still seems strange, lots of cars on the road still seems strange and no shouts of “hello” seems very strange. Time will tell if this is normal or specific to a tourist island like this.

We cycled past the airport then up one largish hill following the coast. There were several troops of monkeys along the roadside, waiting for any cyclists to expire before pouncing on them, we made it past un-pounced on.

Past the airport

Monkeys on the move

The road then cut across the island and it got a little bit quieter here, until it reached the north coast where there was a lovely empty beach and a complete lack of anything tourist related. We followed the north coast for a while then cut back down to Kuah where we are stopping tonight.

In amongst all the beauty stands a Lafarge cement factory

Off the north coast

More off the north coast

In Kuah we easily found the Milvus Hotel when we have a small but comfortable room. After a shower we walked a couple of kilometres to the port building to double check on taking our bicycles onto the ferry, no problem at all. To get to the port building you walk through Legenda Park, with lovely ocean views, then past Dataran Lang or Eagle Square with it’s massive 12 m high statue of an eagle the island’s emblem. According to folklore Langkawi’s name came from two Malay words – ‘helang’ (eagle) and ‘kawi’ (reddish brown): hence lang-kawi.

Langkawi eagle


Mangroves in Legenda Park

On our way back we stopped for some food, tonight it was roti. The roti is malay for bread in this case a flatbread originating from British colonialism where many people were brought here from Tamil Nadu in India bringing their cuisine with them. The food was lovely, we are going to eat a lot of these!

Half eaten roti

The Strava route today.

La Ngu getting closer to Malaysia Saturday 12th January

Last night was a very comfortable night, we could have easily stopped in bed a lot longer. This is unusual in Thailand as the majority of beds are very hard with a huge pillow so you head feels like it is 45 degrees to your body.

We started by following a small road out of town before a short stretch on the main road. Again the side roads proved to be virtually traffic free.

Through the plantations and up to the hills

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