Fowlers Bay a nice detour, Day 68 Tuesday 12th June 2018

It rained on and off all night, never heavily though, and seemed to have passed over by the time we were ready to go.

Our road continued from yesterday with a few short ups and downs then began to flattern out, shockingly there was now farmland off to our right, even occasional houses with telegraph poles and power lines, it’s civilisation Jim but not as we know it.

Farmland shock

By the time we got to Nundroo Roadhouse all the “bush” had vanished replaced by farmland, not green lush farmland but “tough” farmland (whatever that means) it is still the Nullarbor.

We chatted to a French traveller who has his own bus, which is kind of nice but uses 27 litres per 100 km (that is the way fuel consumption is measured here, litres per 100 km) you can change it to mpg, or not if you are a year 11 student.

Nundroo Roadhouse

The roadhouse has a few basic supplies but nothing we wanted so we quickly moved on covering another short 5 km (well I am sure it was the same as everyone else’s 5 km really) until we turned off onto a gravel road. The gravel road takes us all the way to Fowlers Bay in 29 km our campsite today.

A doer up for Simon

The scenery slowly changed giving an almost moorland heather feel with large sand dunes in the distance. Fowlers Bay is a small community of probably 20 houses, there is the kiosk which has basic supplies and cooked food. There is a long jetty for fishing or boating, a nice little stop over.

Almost a moorland

The caravan park cost $25 with nice showers and a good camp kitchen. Once showered we walked back to the kiosk for a King George Whiting and chips (fish and chips!) which was lovely then walked the jetty and along to the sand dunes.


Sand dunes

Finally we sat in the camp kitchen and watched rain showers pass over, the caravan park owner lit a nice camp fire to sit around. A nice end to the day.

The good old camp fire

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