Fowlers Bay a nice detour, Day 68 Tuesday 12th June 2018

It rained on and off all night, never heavily though, and seemed to have passed over by the time we were ready to go.

Our road continued from yesterday with a few short ups and downs then began to flattern out, shockingly there was now farmland off to our right, even occasional houses with telegraph poles and power lines, it’s civilisation Jim but not as we know it.

Farmland shock

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Almost at Nundroo Roadhouse Day 67 Monday 11th June 2018

G’Day all, my Australian stereotyping is getting better. Another good nights sleep despite one man’s attempt to run his generator for as long as possible, there was only us and him here, why go somewhere so peaceful and quiet then run a generator? It defies all logic, but that is what men do.

Once again the Night sky was unbelievable, just so many stars.

Then we were on the rollercoaster ride that is the Eyre Highway, it had gone from flat to quite hilly in this section, getting 1 km down then 1 km up, 2 km down then 2 km up …. This is the hilliest section of the whole Nullarbor crossing. Typically we have only done around 30 m of climbing each day so far, today it was 497 m.

Not much happening today so here is a picture of a road and Janet

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Nullarbor Roadhouse Day 65 Saturday 9th June 2018

Today started with a very heavy (2000 kg at least!) mist covering everything inside and out in a sticky dampness, it was the first time the inner tent had been wet with condensation despite me asking Janet to not breathe last night. The proximity of the sea, dead still air and a rapidly dropping night time temperature all conspired to give us this mist.

A lonely tree

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80km East of Eucla Day 63 Thursday 7th June 2018

During the night the winds lost a little of their strength but it continued to rain on and off until the early hours.

As we would be wild camping for at least 2 nights we took all the water we could, around 20 litres, and wobbled our way on to the road again. It was lovely to be assisted by the wind for a change and actually saw speeds in excess of 20 km/h.

From Eucla it is a mere 12 km to Border Town, this is a “town” on the border (bet that shocked you) between Western Australia and South Australia. Note how the normal definition of a town is different from this “town” in fact there is nothing here except a roadhouse.

The border checkpoint

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