Almost at Nundroo Roadhouse Day 67 Monday 11th June 2018

G’Day all, my Australian stereotyping is getting better. Another good nights sleep despite one man’s attempt to run his generator for as long as possible, there was only us and him here, why go somewhere so peaceful and quiet then run a generator? It defies all logic, but that is what men do.

Once again the Night sky was unbelievable, just so many stars.

Then we were on the rollercoaster ride that is the Eyre Highway, it had gone from flat to quite hilly in this section, getting 1 km down then 1 km up, 2 km down then 2 km up …. This is the hilliest section of the whole Nullarbor crossing. Typically we have only done around 30 m of climbing each day so far, today it was 497 m.

Not much happening today so here is a picture of a road and Janet

For the first time we had a proper tail wind helping us all the way, it was lovely, long may it last.

The roadside views started as heavily forested bush but slowly changed to more farmed areas, even fences started to appear. I am not sure if it is to keep livestock in or Australian Off Roaders out, probably both.

Typical bush

Passing the now closed Yalata Roadhouse and shortly after the access road to the Yalata Community, all the land we cycled through since the Nullarbor Roadhouse is Yalata Aboriginal Land.

All closed up

It did actually rain for a few moments today, it did not amount to anything though.

Around 20 km from Nundroo Roadhouse we called it a day pulling in to a parking area and camping at the back as usual, again a very nice quiet spot all to ourselves.

Fortified against the wind

As we listen to the parakeets chunter the sun drops and all is peaceful.

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