Penong to see a windmill Day 69 Wednesday 13th June 2018

It rained heavily last night but once again had stopped by the time we stirred from our nights sleep. The sun was even trying to show itself by the time we cycled out of Fowlers Bay on its other exit road.

Cycling up out of Fowlers Bay

This was a gravel track but wonder of wonders it has recently been graded, that means a large machine had been driven up and down it where a huge blade cuts the top off the corrugations to leave a flat but gravelly road. All in all nice to cycle on, soon the 12 km stretch ended and it was a sealed road for another 10 km to our favourite Eyre Highway again.

Norseman our start point for crossing the Nullarbor

Our destination today is Penong another 47 km from the junction with the Fowlers Bay road. All day we cycled through farmland with more and more homesteads with their power cables, side roads and more people. This meant more road traffic, the road is not wide enough for two cars and a bicycle to all pass together so it means we end up getting of the road regularly when we think two vehicles will cross adjacent to us.

With the wind helping us the final km to Penong arrived and it was a pleasant surprise to see a primary school, roadhouse, hotel, small grocery store (yes a shop selling things you actually want to buy!), gas station and caravan park. Oh and a large collection of windmills!

Windmills galore

$25 for the night with the usual things, a very poor camp kitchen though so we just made use of the barbecue for our sausage based vegetable all on the barbecue together meal, which was actually very nice. Most of the vegetables we got from the caravan park free box, this is because it is only a short drive to the inspection point for South Australia which just like the West Australia one confiscates fruit and vegetables.

Camping under an awning

There was another cyclist, a German man solo cycling to Adelaide, travelling far faster than we do, after a brief chat he moved on unlike us.

Once showered, freshly laundered and fed it was time for read then sleep.

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