Mundrabilla Roadhouse Tuesday 5th June Day 61

There was not a breath of air stirring and clear skies when we went to sleep, and it was unchanged at midnight allowing stunning views of the starry sky. But by morning the winds had got up to 25 km/h from the North and Northeast and we had gained some cloud. It did give quite a splendid sunrise though.

Sun up

The one plus point was a completely dry tent, although it had a mind of its own when being packed away in the strong wind.

The road continued to run parallel to the bluff as it did yesterday, the stronger winds which were gusty at times did make it harder pedalling.

Clouds make an unexpected appearance

Again we saw living kangaroos, the amount of roadkill was considerably less here. This may just be there are fewer kangaroos here, as the landscape is far harsher on the plain, very few trees and smaller bushes.

Typical scenery with yet more clouds

Today saw us pass the halfway mark, over 600 km from Norseman,not far to go now then!

A few people had told us to look out for “The Shoe Tree” so it was with great excitement we finally got to cycle past it today. Somewhat an anticlimax I think, see for yourself.

The legendary shoe tree

After much flat, straight and wind (from Janet) the Mundrabilla Roadhouse came into view, here we paid $20 to camp with showers and water. The camp spot was Ok but they do not really cater very well for just a tent, it was difficult to find anywhere sheltered.

After a nice shower in the toilet block which is a little past its prime now but still clean, we sat relaxing, reading, blogging and thinking if it will be another hamburger lot tonight. No was the answer, bangers and mash and a chicken strips lot for a change, neither as good as the last roadhouse but our plates were cleaned anyway, today also saw a piece of apple pie pay a very short visit to our table as well, again ok but not very good pastry.

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