Eucla Roadhouse Day 62 Wednesday 6th June 2018

The wind strength increased considerably overnight, powering in from the north. We made a late start today hoping to take advantage of the wind changing to a NNW. We managed to pack (wrestle) the tent away in the wind just before the dark foreboding clouds more over and then proceeded to heavily rain.

Roadhouse forecourt

For the first time in 60 days we wore our wet weather gear, it had to happen sometime. Once fully weatherproofed we were snug as the bug (which seems to live somewhere in the tent) in a rug, waiting to bite when you are least prepared (asleep!).

Ready for the wet

The wind gave a little boost for the first 20 km then as the road swung to a more northerly direction proceeded to apply glue to our tyres making pedalling more difficult.

For the rest of the day it continued to spot with rain and the wind occasionally helping but more often than not hindering.

There was another “tree” this one the bra and pants tree, very humorous.

Bra and pants tree

We were passed by 4 classic Holden cars all on there way to a classic event, this particular car (note how it is just stopped on the highway) they had driven from Brisbane, 4500 kms so far.

Without Janet supporting the car it would have blown over

At 5 km to Eucla we saw the sea again, our welcome friend who had been hiding since Esperance.

Uphill with the road and sea off in the distance

Then it was a hill! This one took us up from the plain to the bluff top and the Eucla Roadhouse, this was $25 to camp but had very nice showers at $1 extra and a laundry both of which we needed. The site itself is not really geared up for tents, we made do the best we could.

The winds got up to 40 km/h and raining while we struggled to put the tent up. Without Janet acting as ballast I am sure the tent would have blown away.

Once everything was clean we walked to the roadhouse where we had the best meal yet lasagne, it is very nice here, they operate to attract different customer types to all the other roadhouses we have visited, not a single trucker in sight.

Once the food was eaten we felt sufficiently ballast like to weigh the tent down without risk of being blown away with it. That is how the day ended, listening to the tent rattling and wind howling and Janet snoring.

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