Kyoto staying around Shimogyo Ward in a guesthouse Thursday 29th November

Last night’s rain continued for 6 hours, stopping around 10:00 pm, if you have never been in a tent at night listening to the sound of falling rain then you have missed out, go do it.

We were ready to go at 8:00 am when, as promised Hi Ya Mo To Hidesi turned up to see if we survived the rain last night. He did say Route 43 was the one to follow, so a wave and a shake of hands later we set off.

Our friend Hi Ya Mo To Hidesi

Very quickly we were in the 43, a very busy road, on three occasions we had to push our bicycles up and over a crossing as there was no pedestrian crossing. Then it was trial and error on how to get your bicycle across two bridges the way to the pedestrian/ cycle path is difficult to find.

Some of the concrete bridges are just huge

It was not enjoyable cycling, but eventually we got onto the cycle path heading north.

The path will take us through the middle of Osaka and up to Kyoto following rivers and only crosses roads, it was traffic free.

Everywhere is busy

It is not until you cycle along routes like this you appreciate just how much manufacturing there is here, factory after factory with the high rise block of flats thrown in for good measure.

After 20 km everything opened out, a lot more green each side, wider paths, people using the areas for leisure instead of just a way to get somewhere.

Even some nice flower and vegetable patches were alongside the path

Nice cycle path

Cormorants waiting their prey


In order to prevent anyone apart from pedestrians and cyclists using the paths there are barriers on a very regular basis, these barriers also stop heavily laden touring bicycles as well meaning removing panniers regularly. This became a right pain for us sometimes travelling only 500m before stopping. This did stop as we neared Kyoto and became nice riverside cycling.

You try getting your fully panniered touring bicycle over this lot

Here is the latest XL rear pannier now available at a store near you

Blossom dropping

After 65 km we booked in to our Guesthouse, it is really good, the best accommodation we have stopped in here in Japan. We do have to park our bicycles at another guesthouse around 500m away, parking is at a premium, even bicycles, in all Japanese cities.

It will not take long to get to sleep tonight in this comfortable bed.

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