Osaka, camping near Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Forest Wednesday 28th November

It was indeed a very noisy night, a busy dual carriageway and two train lines, even with this we had no problem sleeping.

Finishing a cold breakfast, we have run out of porridge; gasp! And have not been able to locate any here, yet. So instead there is a muesli type cereal which is quite nice, but not the same as hot porridge.

Looking towards the centre of Kobe

Then off we set, today was a day of endless roads, houses, industry, concrete everywhere. It was probably the least inspiring days cycling we have had here in Japan.

Cycling out of Kobe

So apologies for the lack of photographs today but the Kobe – Osaka conurbation is in fact endless concrete.

Even the new blocks of flats being build seem to lack any flair in their design, functional is the best way of describing them.

A squeeze to fit it all in, rail, road and houses

Anyway after 45 kilometres we were down by Osaka harbour and started to look for a suitable camping spot. After a while riding around in circles we went for the waterfront site, right on the River Yomoga.

Perfect camping spot flat and grassy

Whilst sitting there waiting as it was still early (1:30 pm) before putting up our tent, a local came to chat. Using maps and signs we talked about our trip. The gentleman turned out to be ex Japanese Air Force and now harbourmaster called Hi Ya Mo To Hidesi

We had coffee and ice cream brought for us at the nearby leisure centre, where we chatted some more via his friend who spoke good English.

Thank you Hi Ya Mo To Hidesi, it was a real pleasure to meet you.

By now it had started to rain but the tent was up so we didn’t really care, we were snug and warm. It continued to rain not heavily but consistently for a while so we are listening to it patter onto the tent while writing this.

3 thoughts on “Osaka, camping near Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Forest Wednesday 28th November

  1. The sound of rain trickling onto canvas, can’t beat that… one of the most relaxing sounds I’ve ever found. You guys are inspiring on your travels and I love to see you’re updates and pictures.


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