Bridge over the River Kwai Wednesday 5th December

After our late night last night, we had a later breakfast then took a stroll out to try and find a bookstore not far from the hotel. Sadly once again Google failed us, no bookstore at all. Back to the hotel for a final pack up as we have a taxi booked to take us and our still boxed bicycles to Kanchanburi better known as the location of The Bridge Over The River Kwai.

The show ends (see later)

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Osaka – Kansai Airport – Don Mueang Airport Bangkok Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December

After looking at all the options we decided to head down to the airport today. Our flight to Bangkok which for all PE teachers out there is in Thailand leaves tomorrow at 9:50 am but to get a train to the airport with our bicycles would mean catching the 5:45 am train.

This is what you look like after 2 day travelling and you get a cold beer

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Kyoto staying around Shimogyo Ward in a guesthouse Thursday 29th November

Last night’s rain continued for 6 hours, stopping around 10:00 pm, if you have never been in a tent at night listening to the sound of falling rain then you have missed out, go do it.

We were ready to go at 8:00 am when, as promised Hi Ya Mo To Hidesi turned up to see if we survived the rain last night. He did say Route 43 was the one to follow, so a wave and a shake of hands later we set off.

Our friend Hi Ya Mo To Hidesi

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Osaka, camping near Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Forest Wednesday 28th November

It was indeed a very noisy night, a busy dual carriageway and two train lines, even with this we had no problem sleeping.

Finishing a cold breakfast, we have run out of porridge; gasp! And have not been able to locate any here, yet. So instead there is a muesli type cereal which is quite nice, but not the same as hot porridge.

Looking towards the centre of Kobe

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