Still in Kyoto Friday 30th November

Today was one of those days when you feel rushed off your feet all day but then wonder what you actually did.

It took a while but we decided that it was time to move on from Japan, we have really loved it here but temperatures are dropping to near zero most of next week combined with expensive accommodation helped push us into this decision.

A lovely old street in Kyoto

First trip was to the post office to send a load of our camping things back as we will not be using them now, after much tooing and frowing we eventually sent 8 kg back.

Higashihonganji Temple

Nishiki shopping area

Higashihonganji Temple

As we will be flying out of Osaka airport we got some bike boxes from a local cycle shop, hopefully our bicycles will fit into the smaller frame size boxes they have here (remember how short people are = small bicycle frames).

We did squeeze in a temple visit and a general walk around the shopping areas but that was it, the day gone. And only a very brief blog today.

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