Shunan a good day cycling Friday 16th November

Camping does have it’s benefits like porridge for breakfast, now we were all set up for a good days cycling.

A view from the top of our first hill

A proper cycleway albeit short

We kind of followed the coast for a while before cutting inland and climbing a 94m pass! It was a gentle climb as well, off from the main road on small lanes again.

It is amazing to see lovely traditional houses surrounded by walls of ugly concrete

There was even a few kilometres on a cycle track, but much of the ride was on shared pathway. The quality of the shared pathway varies a lot from lovely almost as wide as a road to narrow enough to scrape your panniers on the wall.

Where we stopped for lunch there was an impressive (and worryingly large) spider.

Joro spider I believe (not poisinous), the male spider could be the smaller one above her, probably trembling

There was even a lovely river section where birds abounded, even fish in the river although a white fish (maybe a koi type carp?) is not very camouflaged against bird attack.

Waiting for that fish

And here is a fish, a very large one though

We passed a beach today, nobody was swimming, it was 19°C and overcast.

A view back from our 94m summit

Yet another or three manhole covers to admire.

Whilst waiting at a zebra crossing for some infant schoolchildren to cross we said hello and goodbye about a thousand times as every child wanted to say it to us.

Shunan has quite an industrial raw feel to it.

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