Iwakuni Saturday 17th November

Our hotel breakfast was once again not to our taste, lots of rice and soups which are unnatural to eat for breakfast! Oh we are heathens sometimes!

Kintai bridge

Far nicer riding on this type of road

Following route 2 it passed what seemed like miles of used and new car dealerships, we resisted that impulse purchase. On and off there was 15 km of this before turning off onto the lovely single lane roads devoid of any traffic. Here it got steeper as we go over the top of the hill while the busy main road goes through a tunnel.

All to ourselves

Passing through a small village the road was closed to cars but they waved us through. There was a village fete on at the local temple with dancers, food stalls, even a miniature steam train and of course plenty of people.


Temple entrance

Who does not love trains?

A short clip HERE.

Our quiet back road even gave us our very own tunnel to cycle through.

There are a few slot machine arcades, but that description does not do them justice, they are enormous, as large as a typical superstore. It is quite a habit for the Japanese, every day we pass two or three. More gambling revenue is generated from this than Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore combined. More information on Pachinko HERE.

Anyone for slots?

At dusk we were setting up our tent in a secluded corner of a park when the bats came out, a few of them fluttering silently by. The tent site is just down from Kintai Bridge and across from Iwakuni Castle.

Welcome the latest manhole as well.

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