Inverloch via Nyora – Wonthaggi Rail Trail Day 154 5th September

Today’s cycle was almost entirely on cycle track with around 15 km on roads, the roads even had a very wide shoulder making them a pleasant ride.

A goodbye to another warmshowers host, Bo who had been brilliant, thank you very much.

First 4 km into Cowes then the cycle path started, it foĺlows the road closely until you leave Phillip Island over the bridge. Not far before the bridge on the island is the Moto GP (and World Superbike) circuit, these events attracting a lot of people.

Leaving Phillip Island

Martin and Bo

We left the bridge behind, passing through San Remo, here the cycle track became hard packed gravel but still very good to cycle on. Whilst the cars and road have the luxury of several cuttings keeping gradients reasonable, the cycle path was just built up the hillsides so had some very steep sections where a little pushing occurred.

Lots of up on the cycle track

Very soon we joined the Rail Trail, Nyora to Wonthaggi at a place called Anderson. This was great riding, only very small gradients up and down, an excellent surface and no vehicle traffic at all.

Enjoying the Rail Trail

The coast near Kilcunda

The trail took us back to the sea with some magnificent views around Kilcunda, then it moves inland a through farmland and nature reserve equally lovely. Here we were treated to an amazing frog chorus. FROGSOUND

Couldn’t resist a cow picture

The town of Wonthaggi then appeared, here we stopped for a break making the mistake of purchasing some mince pies which turned out to be quite poor so had to be forced down! Here the elastic straps holding the tent on were replaced, one having broken today along with the batteries for Janet’s rear light.

The last 12 km saw our return to the road but with a large shoulder and gentle climbs it was easy work all the way to Inverloch where we are stopping tonight.

We left our bicycles at Thierry and Joanne’s house and went for a beach walk, there were people surfing as they seem to do everywhere on this part of the coast.

Beach at Inverloch

Returning for 5.30 as Thierry and Joanne returned, we chatted for a while then ate a very nice meal before calling it a day.

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