Toora on the rail trail Day 155 5th September

Today we were on the road by 8.00 am, waving goodbye to Theirry And Joanne, many thanks for letting us stay in their lovely home.

Goodbye to Theirry and Joanne plus two

It was a very wet start we actually had to wear our full set of waterproofs today, so under a grey sky we made our way out of Inverloch towards Fish Creek.

A grey horizon and a steep hill

The road was not really very busy and the first 35 km slowly rolled passed, what did happen though was the skies slowly brightened (no sun yet).

At 35 km we joined another rail trail and would cycle 30 km along this.

On the rail trail

This part was lovely and the sun even made an appearance.

A view out to sea

We coasted down the last section into Toora, here a local magpie thought it was obvious I was going to steal it’s eggs because it attacked me well my cycle helmet. For some reason the do not like cycle helmets and swoop down attacking them.

Once this gauntlet was run, we booked into the caravan park. This one is excellent in all respects, it even has a heated pool and spa, both of which we tried out and mighty relaxing they were too. The caravan park is at the foot of a hill on which there are some wing turbines, they make a surprising amount of noise, lots of swooshing.

After eating we watched some news on the tv then settled down to sleep.

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