Esperance a nice place to stay, Day 47 Monday 21st May 2018

A little later getting up today, as we were heading to town today with a list of things to get.

Esperance Harbour

First off was a second SIM card, the Aldi Mobile one we have does not have any coverage at all as we head out across the Nullabor something we did not realise when we got it originally. Instead we now have a Telstra pay as you go, a lot more expensive than the other one but should give us more coverage.

A nice canvas bag was next, something to hold out water bags in should they need strapping to the bicycles (which they will). There is an excellent camping shop in the town centre which has all we needed and more.

Sadly when I contacted the shore council office they confirmed Parmango Road was closed to all traffic including bicycles at the moment. This means we will follow the main road route via Norseman (which is the name of the town not a local Scandinavian).

Now there was nothing for it apart from servicing the bicycles, one today one tomorrow. There are some things now showing wear so will need replacing, probably when we reach Adelaide. But generally looking good considering the bashing they got on the Munda Biddi.

The saddle looks very uncomfortable on this bicycle

Tip if you are using a Dromedary type water bag then wash fill it and empty when you can, the water can taste awful if you do not.

Finally food, the site has a nice barbeque so what better than a piece on pork in a plumb sauce, mmmmmm, along with a home (well our temporary home anyway) done stir fry, it was lovely too.

A camper slumming it in Esperance

I am off fishing in the morning, fingers crossed that is food for tomorrow night.

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