Esperance and fishing part 1, Day 48 Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Woke early ready to go fishing, at daybreak I left with Colin and a borrowed rod ready to catch. We drove along Twilight Beach Road looking at the many possible places to fish along the way. First West Beach then on past Chapman’s Point to Salmon Beach to Fourth Beach. Every single one of them a beautiful place.

Colin preparing to fish

With a name like Salmon Beach you just have to start there, where we hoped to catch well a salmon. However it should be named unsalmon beach as you can guess the outcome.

Similarly when we tried Fourth Beach it was last place for us again not even close to fourth.

Early morning light on Salmon Beach

Finally we returned to Esperance to fish off the end of Taylor Street Jetty, here we had success, catching Trevally and Garfish which we kept to eat later, we did catch some small wrass but they were too pretty to kill!

Returning to the campsite by 12.00 am there was plenty of time to service Janet’s bicycle before we ate. In mid service Colin came over and asked if we would like to come a run into Cape Le Grand National Park, by run he meant drive in case you were concerned that we would actually jog anywhere. It is quite a drive around 200 km there and back.

Frenchman Peak

First stop was Frenchman Peak, an impressive lump of granite sporting a rock bridge at the top. Then the highlight, Lucky Bay, what a beautiful place this was the beach is a limestone sand as white as snow and even crunches just like snow when you walk on it, amazing.

Lucky Bay

Colin, Janet and Maureen in Lucky Bay

Thistle Cove next, considerably more rocky but still very nice, then on to Hellfire Beach against a fantastic beach.

A rocky Thistle Cove

Just a nice picture at Thistle Cove

Lastly was Cape Le Grand which is just a huge beach 22 km long, you could certainly find your very own spot here.

22 km of Cape Le Grand Beach

Back in Esperance Colin and Maureen picked up a couple of things from Woolworths (a major supermarket chain here) ready for our fish supper. It was supplemented with some Calimari, all of which was lovely but by a unanimous decision the Trevally tasted the best fish,the Calimari was equally nice not even the slightest Hinton rubberyness anywhere.

It was all washed down with wine and beer, plus conversation a really perfect end to the day.

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