Day 46 Into Esperance at last Sunday 20th May 2018

In our secluded camp spot we enjoyed a leisurely start, complete with porridge and tea. A short distance today awaiting our bicycling.

Tandem wind pumps, not moving in the still air

Onto Highway 1, which was only 10 m away from the tent! The conditions were idea making 16 km in the first hour. Something of a record for us.

There was even a nice wide shoulder to cycle down, not there was very much traffic on a Sunday morning.

What a nice shoulder looks like

Tried and was semi successful with a photograph of a crane (the bird not the huge stationary lifting machine)

A pair of cranes

Once into Esperance we cycled down a perfect flat path along the esplanade, it was lovely, to the information office. Here we were overwhelmed by choice, 6 campgrounds were in an around town.

A view from Esperance Esplanade

One we passed seemed to pack people in like sardines, so we chose Bathers Paradise at the top of the esplanade. Not cheap at $37 a night but the site is spotless, showers good and the camp kitchen the best one yet. We booked in for 2 nights, then it was off to the only shop open (it is Sunday and everywhere is closed) for soap, which due to excess washing (at least twice a week) has vanished.

Janet looking to see why the motor on her bicycle does not seem to be working

We had very average indeed chicken pieces with vegetables, but there was a couple of bonuses. We did get some freshly baked scones from another camper on the site, and better still met Colin and Maureen from South of Sydney. Colin gave me 6 bottles of ice cold beer and an open invite to visit him when we get across to Sydney.

Sitting and chatting a while with Colin and Maureen made a nice change and they are great company.

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