Day 43 Starvation Bay, how nice is it here just doing nothing

No rush this morning, in fact it was very difficult just to lie in so we were up early. We made tea, coffee and porridge as usual and at around 8.00 am we saw a pod of dolphins swimming towards the boat launching point. They seemed to meet a boat leaving and follow it out.

There is actually a dolphin here, razor like reactions ensured the perfect picture

The boat goes out Abalone fishing, these are a large version of our scallop.

We took a longer walk along the beach all the way to North Powell Point, all very peaceful and quiet not another person in sight. Along the way there were a number of different types of bird, photographs were taken with varying success.

Managing to get on to the large end rock there were spectacular views down the bay. The rock is not always accessible as the sand bar to get to it comes and goes dependent on the time of year and prevailing tides. Diane and Lyndon (who gave us water yesterday) caught three salmon here, oh for a fishing rod!

A stroll back to the tent, then we sat here reading, writing or generally relaxing, possibly doing all three things.

View front the tent

Time for another stroll, this time in the other direction, we met another couple originally from Preston but now live out here. They had just caught a Flathead, which did have a flat head, the pug of the fish world but without any cuteness. Again they offered us water if we needed it.

Relaxing and avoiding getting a sun tan!

Time for a photograph back towards the tent, lovely.

Back at our camp it was time for a little maintenance, repairing Janet’s front pannier which had previously suffered rodent damage.

Finally more lounging reading relaxing or otherwise, generally not doing anything. But managing to cook a pasta meal and make more hot drinks.

Again the sunset was a let down, even with this it had been quite the lovely day.

During the nightime toilet visit (it will come to you all eventually) the sky had it’s usual full of stars look, so there was time to try and photograph it, more work needed on this.

An idea of the sky at night

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