Day 44 Along the road to Munglinup Caravan Park

There was a sea mist this morning, the wind was that uncertain one minute the mist stretched out gripping the land the next it pushed back out to sea. However there was a sunrise to see today.

Sunrise at Starvation Bay

After yesterday we constantly checked for dolphins, was it a one off or did they come and meet the boat every day? Eventually the boat left without any sign of the dolphins, I think we were right place right time yesterday.

Starting off today there was an eight kilometre backtrack to get up to the Springdale Road, it only seemed to take a moment not the 45 minutes it actually took, must have been daydreaming. Once on the road the quality varied the same as yesterday, but mostly good.

Track track and more track

As we continued along the road the bush either side of us gave way to open farmland where cattle sort of grazed on a little grass that was around.

Lake Shasta in the background (the sand you can see) strange plant in the foreground

We passed Lake Shasta, not looking very full at all, with very large areas of sand which during winter and spring would be underwater. Around here we saw a couple of flocks of emus, rushing across the road and running very quickly away into the bush. No bird picture but a footprint as evidence.

Emu or dinosaur? you decide

A Parks and Wildlife official stopped his pickup and we had a nice chat (he even took a picture of the silly cycling poms), he did confirm the track from Esperance to Belladonia was mostly good and worth doing.

Suddenly we were on a sealed road and then just as suddenly back on a track once more heading to the Munglinup Caravan Park. It took another 4 km of cycling to reach it, for $20 we had a field to ourselves. This caravan park had a fantastic campers kitchen (very clean!) good showers and an office that sold basic foods.

What an excellent campers kitchen looks like

The tent pitched, showered clean, charging all the electrical things, hot tea, coffee and still only 1.00 pm. Another very relaxing day today, even going for a stroll in a failed attempt to find a phone signal, but said another hello to the Parks and Wildlife man as he drove past us again on his way home to Esperance.

The inlet at Munglinup

Fully fed and watered we settled in for the night books in hand listening to the birdsong all around us.

2 thoughts on “Day 44 Along the road to Munglinup Caravan Park

  1. Hi guys over here there are lots of burnoffs here now, so you will get some nice sunsets from the smoke lingering. Hope you are both well


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