Day 42 Starvation Bay calls to us Wednesday 16th May 2018

A dry tent get up today after a breezy night, our destination for today is the rather attractively named Starvation Bay where there is a campground but only basics are there, that is a toilet, no water, no anything really. It is necessary to carry an extra 6 litre bag full of water. Again for those of you unaware this has a mass of 6 kg or roughly the weight as of a car if you are year 11 or a PE teacher, before you say I know mass and weight are not the same.

Start of the Springdale Road

Leaving Hopetoun behind we retrace our steps for 10 km back to the Springdale Road, which we start cycling down. The first 5.5 km is a nice sealed surface passing through huge fields of stubble. It then changes to a track, in fact the very first section is a flood repaired section, and the high water mark for the flood in January 2017 is about 500m further along the road, a local farmer lost his life here. Currently there is not a drop of water to be seen anywhere.

The track continued with a usual mixture of excellent, ok and bad sections, fortunately the latter was for small sections only.

Typical track

We made good progress despite rising temperatures, it got up to 29 degrees at lunch time. Other road users were few and far between, maybe half a dozen cars and two lorries and that was it.

At midday we reached Starvation Bay Harbour Road, an 8 km ride back down to the coast on a once again variable track.

Just before the campground we could see to sea, always an exciting moment even as an adult, especially so if said adult loves the sea. It is $10 a night here (remember no facilities at all).

First view of the sea

But WOW what a position for a campspot, it is absolutely lovely here. We immediately decided to stop two nights but would need to aquire some more water. Luckily Diane and Lyndon had their caravan further up the track and offered us another 8 litres which was perfect we were ok to stop now.

Tent site right by the sea under a shady tree perfect

Cooking our food and taking a nice beach walk then all that was left was to watch another sunset, once again not very dramatic but very pretty.

A lovely end to the day

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