Day 29 Off to Jinung Beigabup Camp Hut Thursday 3rd May 2018

Again it rained on and off during the night sometimes heavily but as the kookaburra crowed at dawn it had cleared and only a slight chance of a shower today (we were no where smelly enough yet).

Straight on to the final section of Middle Road, this was meant to be very sandy and difficult to ride but the rain had worked it’s magic and only two small sections were push worthy. Rain really does make a difference to the tracks.

Following the usual brown road we made good time, until on Nornalup Road where bad washboarding (American) or corrugations (Australian) heeded our progress.

The views were more open today, each side more of a flood plain, often we passed flood warnings, it is hard to believe that cyclists in the Spring or Late Winter have to wade across waist deep water.

Currently dry as a bone

A nice spot presented itself in the form of a mini suspension bridge over the River Kent, our first stop point.

Janet looking happy at the thought of a wobbly bridge

Along the next section we glimpsed the first Wild Pig, it was black and the size of, well a pig, not your mini pet pig size but a full on you will be delicious on a sandwich pig. It ran off into the bush before the camera came out.

Continuing on we reached Harewood Road and out secrecy weapon the shortcut, cutting around 12 km off the route, plus it was very nice easy cycling as well.

Camp Hut, the best one by far

The last section to the Jinung Beigabup Camp Hut was a very sandy single track but we did not care, today’s finish was in sight. What a sight it is, the best hut yet set in a beautiful open forest. The birds, well you have never heard such a variety of birdsong in your life, very loud. What a way to end the day, we are the only ones here as well.

Bird number 1

Bird number 2

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