Day 28 Off to Booner Mundak Camp Site Tuesday 2nd May 2018

Again it rained intermittently during the night along with an increasingly strong wind, rain is bad wind is good. The tent dries very fast in the wind so when we were ready to leave it was almost fully dry. In case you are wondering why a dry tent is so important I keep on about it, think weight and a wet tent can be an extra 1 kg I have to carry.

Having studied the route it became apparent just how hilly quite a large section of the trail was, not so much fun on a road touring bike. A road bypass works for us, not too far after the Coalmine Caravan Park (named as people thought they had discovered a rich vein of coal, but it was very poor quality and amounted to nothing, not unlike year 11 coursework) we turned on to the South Western Highway. This time of year is is not very busy and the riding was very easy .

Crossing the Frankland River which looked lovely, I am surprised that a main road (equivalent of a UK A road) has a timber constructed bridge, it is a thing of beauty though (as long as you like impressive timber constructions that is).

Lovely timber constructionon the Frankland River bridge

Continuing on and Bow Bridge Store appears, coincidentally it is our 2 hour stop point (we stop every 2 hours for a food / bottom rest), a coffee and hot chocolate and a seat to watch the squalls of rain pass by. Our rain jackets have been on and off just like (insert your own vaguely rude comparison here).

The hot chocolate tasted lovely

Still on sealed road we turn into Valley Of The Giants Road, keeping an eye out for Atlas like beings but see only huge trees.

Almost like home, but less rain

It is just like riding through a british countryside including the rainshowers. Then the inevitable happened and we were on track.

Long and sandy in all it’s glory

Try cycling through this!

The track proved quite reasonable going, the rain had damped down a sandy surface, all but 2 places where we needed to push. In late winter and spring (our autumn) the road floods in sections and the two “bridges” are impassible.

Awesome road bridge

At the hut the views are very view like, tea is made, seats sat in and some very heavy rain showers watched from dry smugness. Rainbows made an appearance (along with Bungle).


Once again will there be anyone else turn up tonight? No is the answer.

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