Day 23 Towards Northcliffe Friday 27th April

There was around 2 hours of rain in the early hours, clearing up by 7.00 am (can you work out what time it started to rain then children?) Saying goodbye to Sarah after swapping numbers in case she has any useful tips or information, as she will be in front of us all the way to Sydney.

After mucho uphillo the Gloucester Tree was only 100m off route, and who can resist a 53m climb up rebar pieces hammered into the side of a tree. In case you are unsure or a PE teacher rebar is steel reinforcing bar usually used to strengthen concrete structures.

What health and safety?

A hammer and bar anyone?

The views were spectacular.


Do not fall

A random parakeet

There was a very enjoyable steep zig zag descent next, which coincidentally we enjoyed. Continuing along tracks we left Pemberton behind. At this point Sarah overtook us but we had a secret weapon, stopping on the road, not going on the track for the last section into Northcliffe, we overtook Sarah arriving in Northcliff moments before her.

Camping on the rec

There were a few people camping on the recreation ground just as you entered town, asking if anyone could camp there they kindly let us stop. This was the eve of the Northcliffe Mountain Bike Race, with around 250 riders taking part on 100 km, 50 km and 25 km races. Sarah camped with us.

A shopping trip and we stocked up for 3 days ahead (4 days before we hit Walpole the next town).

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