Day 24 Leaving Northcliffe Saturday 28th April 2018

The recreation site had got very busy indeed with all the competitors arriving for the race, we packed up and hung around to watch the start. More people than we have seen for a month. A couple we had been talking to gave us their number, they live south of Perth, than you Janette.

On your marks, get set


Us with Sarah

Once again we said goodbye to Sarah, I am confident we will see her again. We were going to the next Camp hut along the trail, Sarah was going to skip this and stay at the one after, around 100 km of riding rather than our 50 km.

Riding out on tarmac then onto nice track it was lovely riding, passing the Boorara Tree, another Gloucester Tree type lookout station although this one is not climable. Two groups of 3 riders came the other way, rush hour on the Munda Biddi.


Different track

The trail got more and more remote, eventually arriving at the Yirra Kartia Camp Hut, a very long way from anywhere. Who was there? Sarah she just went for 50 km today.

Our unpacking and putting things out to dry / air was overseen by quite an impressive stick insect. It looked amazingly similar to a stick, but a little out of place clinging to the corrugated steel sheet side of the hut (not looking at all like a stick).

Well camouflaged stick insect

After this we had a cuppa and walked up being the hut to a granite dome with huge views across the forest, here we sat and waited for the sunset and moonrise. There are some scoops or bowls in the granite allowing water to collect there, in turn moss and plants grow almost in their own mini universe.

Janet, Sarah and a sunset

Mark looking manfull in front of a moon

The sunset was spectacular.

Just at this time Mark another cyclist came walking up to see the last rays of the sun. Mark and Karl had ridden from Pemberton today, a long day.

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