Day 22 Quinninup to Pemberton Thursday 26th April 2018

Another very still night equals a very damp tent, this time the dry bit was packed separately, it did work but a lot of faff compared to the roll it up and stick it in a bag method of tent packing.

Please feed us

Janet said farewell to her kanga friends and human friends, Carolyn and John from sydney cycling the other way.

Close up kookaburra

We cycled very quickly past a vast frightening collection of gnomes, known only as gnomageddon.

I say nothing but shake my head in despair

Little did I know but disaster had struck, my lovely very worn green gardening shoes we still resting with the kangaroos back at the site. Oh well I needed a new pair anyway, yes it is way too far to go back for them.

Passing some huge Karra trees, including King Karra which is 3 m across and 300 years old, which strangely is how old a teacher feels after year 11 revision. The forest generally was populated by much older trees than before.

Cycling down a variety of surfaces mostly good, even a short tarmac piece in the middle of nowhere.

As we neared Pemberton our resting place tonight another disaster a stick in mudguard, so an impromptu 30 minute break while the rather bent offending article was removed. Then our journey continued into town. $35 to camp on a poor site, thumbs down from us.

It is like a mudguard but not as we know it

The supermarket was a short walk away through the main street, it does look a poor town no real pride in any of the houses.


As the sun dipped behind the trees, another cyclist arrived, Sarah from Hereford who by a strange coincidence is also cycling to Sydney. Although she covers twice the distance we do, but what do you expect from a 21 year old?

Finishing on a cold looking fluffy Kookaburra, say ahhhhh.

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