Day 14 Wednesday 18th April

Today was a day for road riding, or so we were making it. An alternate route to Nglang Boodja Camp Hut.

As a result of yesterdays excessive shopping we left with bulging panniers on the bikes, unlike our unbulging leg muscels. Plus we were not hurried as we had plenty of time, giving the damp tent time to dry, it did rain during the night.

Leaving on the Mungalup Road, in fact riding most of the day on this road. A nice steady ride some ups some downs, very light traffic rather nice bicycling. Along the way a huge flock of either short beaked or long beaked black parakeets flew over, there must have been 100+ each having around 100 cm wingspan and the noise was incredible. I use the word incredible not beautiful as anyone who owns a parrot will tell you.

Not a good place to walk your dog

We rode along our first straight road section around 5 miles, as year 11 say “wow that’s long” in fact 5 miles happens to be the combined distance a department of PE teachers can walk before getting out of breath.

A straight road

Once we were reunited with the track there was a steep descent to the Camp Hut which was empty, and we would see no-one else today.

Nestled amongst trees the hut

We generally sat around drank tea and read in a lovely 23 degrees.

This was supposed to be a picture of a bird but it moved, the plant is nice though

Information point, these huts are supplied with rainwater from the roof as their sole water source, hence boil, filter or treat before use.

The rules

Water collection from the roof


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