Day 15 Donnybrook looms

Having made a huge effort to wake up earlier we only left 15 before our normal 8.00 am, a disappointment. The reason was rain will be upon us by 1.00 pm and we wanted to be almost or better still in Donnybrook.

Yesterday’s descent to the Camp Hut meant an uphill to start the day although it was not as bad as you brain thinks it is going to be.

Up up and very slowly away

Crossing Pile Road we cycled down the trail through a lovely forest on a good surface, what is wrong here? But it continued, frightening 2 large Emus which went running off into the bush, an Australian word which means foresty scrubby area.

Lovely track

We continue to see kangaroos along the way. Suddenly we broke out of the forest into open farmland, which I am sure would have grass if it rained. Following Richards Road (thank you Mr Mills) through rolling farmland and a winery we arrived on a sealed road (tarmac). This continued for quite a way passing another burn area until we parted company from the trail. Sealed surfaces beckoned off we went it was flat (yes flat) open countryside.

Nice colours and a change from forest

Sadly we saw a pickup hit a kangaroo and we left the driver calling someone to put it down rather that let it suffer.

The road got quite busy for a while and it was narrow so not the nicest riding and it also rained (remember the rain we are avoiding).

This did turn into the South Western Highway, the equivalent of a busy A road but it did have a shoulder to cycle along. 14 km later we found Donnybrook, there is a lot of fruit grown here and butternut squash.

Anyone for butternut squash?

Donnybrook has a good shop selection and the campground is central costing $26 for a night, the obligatory huge shop saw Janet’s barbecue skills put to the test, teriyaki chicken and sausages, very nice.

Cooking at its best

The bikes both got a bit of a service here as well, the trail beats them severely.

There are some great steely blue rainclouds approaching, rain is coming as well as sleep.

Rain on its way

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