Day 13 Tuesday 17th April on to Collie

The Yarri Camping Hut

The usual pack up took place, the 150 km a day man just seemed to evaporate into thin air without a farewell, some people are like that though. We much prefer to prevaricate as much as possible before leaving.

Bike congestion

A long downhill and then around 3 miles of track riding, cue picture of a brown road surrounded by trees.

It was then on to the tarmac, all today will be on this a nice easy day. As we cycled along very few cars passed us all in all very quite. Apart from where we passed a flock of these Black Glossy Parrots, they ones which are surprisingly black but do have red underneath their tail (you do remember this don’t you?).

These are a flock of the Glossy Black Parrot from earlier, they have up to a 1m wingspan

There were some very nice roadside views, the power lines seem to have very dramatic forest outputs though.

Some scenery from the roadside

The roadside

We had an uneventful ride into Collie, and went straight for the Campground where for $30 (notice a trend here?) we have a nice spot, very good showers and cook area. Off to the shops where we purchased twice our body weight in food, including Kanga burgers which we barbequed. They were OK but once done unlikely to be repeated.

Hopefully looking like a profesional

We also visited the local bike shop a get some more brake pads, they seem to be wearing out quickly.

For no apparent reason a train track, this is just serving the nearby mine

3 thoughts on “Day 13 Tuesday 17th April on to Collie

  1. Great update of your past few days. Really enjoying you being back in the saddle and your blog. How far are you travelling each day?
    Also, after asking question about your bikes’ gears I read the Surly Troll page about your bikes on your blog. I knew they didn’t come from Halfords but didn’t realise just how bespoke they are. Very interesting.


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