Sungai Besar Saturday 2nd February

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday, no main roads at all. To start off it was 2.5 km down to the ferry.

Kingfisher on a wire

The view to the side of the pier, yuk

The cyclists we met yesterday did say the ferry was not running, but talking to the hotel receptionist she said there was a ferry, we went with the receptionist’s version.

Ferry plus a very worn pier

The ferry captain with ticket man

As it turned out the ferry was running and for five ringgits both of us and our bicycles got across. The ferry is quite old and takes only foot passengers and scooters (and bicycles).

Fishing fleet moored near the ferry

It was very murky today

There is nothing on the other side of the river, just monkeys jumping around. Which is good as the next 30 kilometres were some lovely cycling roads, quiet and almost free of traffic.

Monkeys 🐒

We passed acres and acres of coconut plantations, all very well looked after. There were also a lot of very nice houses here.

Lovely cycling

A coconut picker at work

All good things come to an end as the final 6 kilometres into town were along a narrow busy road, not such enjoyable cycling but the cars all slow down and wait until it is safe to pass.

In town Janet wanted a KFC, yes they seem to be everywhere in Malaysia and always full. It cost £4.40 for two meals and all the KFC’s here are halal. Then a shop in the supermarket where we picked up some noodle pots as the Dachya Stay were we are going tonight is quite remote with no restaurants nearby.

The last 6 kilometres was on quieter roads, Dachya Stay is a bungalow type accommodation, clean but you can feel the springs in the bed!

Noodles done, crisps done, biscuits done, a truly healthy meal.

The Strava route today:

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