Hutan Melintang Friday 1st February

The cycle today was mainly along the 5 a main road. Straight out of the hotel doors and turn left onto the 5.

Blue tailed bee eater on a wire

As it went through the town the traffic was slow moving and with a good shoulder there was plenty of space for us. For nearly 10 kilometres it continued like this. We did pass a old lady who should put everyone to shame who say I cannot ride a bicycle!

She stopped for a chat with us

At 10 kilometres we turned off on to an almost traffic free side road which made it’s way back towards the sea, we did get 16 kilometres of lovely cycling done before the 5 beckoned to us again. We would stop on this for the rest of today.

Nice road

View from a small bridge

We got to the coast but the tide was out

More views along the way

There were continuous roadworks we passed through where unfortunately the size of the shoulder was reduced or even removed in places making the cycling more uncomfortable.

The main road (5)

We did meet 2 of a group of 4 other intrepid cyclists, Thong and Jzung, reversing our trip going from Singapore to Bangkok and doing it at warp speed (20 days for them 60 days for us!). While we chatted the 3rd appeared, we never saw the 4th. It was here we saw a new record temperature of 51.5°C, you could fry an egg on the pavement!

Thong, Janet and Jzung

Just after this over the main bridge we went, only a short distance left to go into town. You can see from the Strava route the bridge is the only way across the river, all roads converge here.

View looking back from the bridge

In town we had a reservation at the Melintang Hotel, the hotel is OK, clean but everything is very worn and tired.

The usual food and shop next, surprisingly it seems quite difficult to get fresh fruit here in Malaysia or maybe we are just looking in the wrong places.

The Strava route today:

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