Kuala Selangor Sunday 3rd February

As predicted the bed had seen better days and sleeping on springs is not a restful way of spending the night. We still bounced our way out looking forward to a good days cycling.

Colourful fishing boats waiting for the tide

The road was quiet and stopped that way for 45 of the 50 kilometres we cycled today. It turned out to be a lovely journey today.

We followed small single lane roads through small towns, even a short spell along the coast. Always running parallel to the main busy road (the 5) but only joining it to cross over two rivers.

A serious mud flat


A short section of track

A family out “cockling” or the Malay version of it

The final few kilometres into Kuala Selangor were on the main road and very busy it was as well. We arrived at Grand Kapar Hotel, the only one in the whole of our Malaysia trip (so far) we had to wait to check in. A very nice room right in the middle of town.

It was pizza night tonight and buy one get one free at Domino’s Pizza, yes all the western food chains are here in force.

The Strava route today:

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